Who Is JTL Web Design?


JTL Web Design was started in 2006 by myself, JT La Due. At the time I started into web design, I was working on the road full time for a railroad contractor. My evenings were usually free and I began looking for something to fill the time. I have always enjoyed working with computers and had done a little web design work in the past so I decided I would start there. I built a couple of sites for friends and quickly found I enjoyed the feeling of designing something that the entire world could see (plus I found I was pretty good at it). In early 2011, I made the decision to stop working on the road so I can be home with my family and friends. In addition to web design I am also a Lieutenant with Newton County Rescue and Recovery.



JTL Web Design is operated by myself. This allows me to keep overhead down which allows me to keep my pricing down. This does not however keep me from providing the same professional quality websites as other companies with more people on staff. Over the years I have formed a network of other freelance designers from around the US and World and we will often work together on various projects to ensure all of our clients are given the best options possible.

From the start, I made the decision to focus on smaller customers rather than large corporations. From prior experience and common history, large corporations tend to need full time support that would severly impact our ability to take care of smaller businesses.  Since it is my focus to work with Small Businesses, Clubs, Organizations, Emergency Service Agencies, Non-Profit Groups, and individuals, I am able to devote the time that is required to everyone.

I feel that everyone has the right to be represented on the internet by a professional and engaging website. I also feel that right should not come at the expense of high costs of developing and maintaining that site.

If you are ready to work on your online presence, contact me today and let me move our focus to you!